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At Panorama Optometry in Surrey BC we have a unique emphasis on testing, diagnosing and treating of learning related vision problems. We are a full scope optometric practice dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care to patients of all ages, in a friendly, comfortable and professional atmosphere. We are concerned with prevention, treatment, remediation, and enhancement of the visual system for children and adults to achieve optimal function. With our highly trained staff and state of the art equipment, Panorama Optometry is committed to making your vision the best that it can be!

Dr. Johal answers: “How often should a child have their eyes examined?”

Have you noticed any of the following?

If so, see the first step.


Rubs eyes frequently
Eye turns in or out at any time
Squints or blinks excessively
Headaches in forehead or temple
Closes or covers an eye
Turns or tilts head to use one eye
Moves head back and forth while reading (instead of moving eyes)
Holds book very close to eyes
Posture is unnatural when reading or writing


Avoids close work
Performs below potential
Homework takes hours and hours when it shouldn’t
Has short attention span, is quickly bored, day dreams and doesn’t pay attention
Becomes quickly fatigued while reading
Repeatedly confuses left and right directions


Omits or confused small words while reading
Whispers to self while reading silently
Loses place often or uses finger to keep place
Reverses letter or words in reading and copying (after 1st grade)
Sees double
Words become blurred while reading


Trips and stumbles repeatedly, poor balance
Poor eye-hand coordination
Awkward and clumsy when climbing, throwing, tying, etc.
Well coordinated, yet has trouble with games such as soccer and tennis.

What is the first step?

If you suspect a vision problem, the first step is to schedule a comprehensive visual examination to evaluate the basic visual skills necessary for good visual performance. Further testing may be done to evaluate specific areas necessary for efficient academic performance. Upon completion of a thorough evaluation, we will determine what your visual needs are. If necessary, an individualized program of lenses, visual hygiene and/or vision therapy will be developed to meet your specific needs and goals. Contact Us

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