Vision Therapy Success Stories

We provide a unique vision care service called Vision Therapy.  The following are some of our success stories from patients and thier families. On your next office visit feel free to browse our “WOW” book of patient letters, located in our dispensary area.

“Before eye therapy, I used to see double. My reading was suffering as well as my school and sports. Once I started with eye therapy I noticed a gradual improvement in all aspects of my life. While here, I did many exercises to improve my vision. From reading letters off a chart to playing fun games. Once I had finished, I saw my grades soar to seemingly unacheiveable heights and I was competing at a provincial level in soccer. Thanks to Dr. Johal and her team my life is forever changed.” – Amir, Age 17

“My name is Nathan, I started vision therapy in September 2011. Before vision therapy I didn’t know that my eyes had a problem. Dr. Johal told me that my eyes weren’t following along the words the way they should, they were skipping and I was losing my place. When I started vision therapy I liked the activities and some were easy for me. As I improved they became more challenging. One of my favourite activities was the Road Race game on the new 3DTV. Now that I am finished vision therapy I am able to write neater and faster. I can recognize words better when I am reading.” – Nathan, Age 9


“My name is Dylan, I am 17. I like playing hockey. Before vision therapy I couldn’t see the puck properly, but now, I am much better at seeing the puck and I even play goalie. I used to not enjoy reading very much and had to use my figner so I didn’t lose my place, now I really like to read and I am much faster. My favourite therapy activity was the touch screen computer activities because it helps my eyes move fast. Before vision therapy I had difficulty with learning to ride a bike, now I am much better and can ride fast. I am glad that I did vision therapy.” – Dylan, Age 17


Sandy, there just aren’t enough words to express how grateful we are for what you have done for Julia, and for the hundreds of other children who would have fallen through the cracks” – Fawn and Peter

To anyone considering the possibility of having vision therapy done with Dr. Johal – I say go for it! The difference it has made in my son is amazing. I only wish I had known about it sooner so that we would not have had so many struggles in his primary years” – Lori F.

Vision therapy has helped me alot. I used to read for 10 minutes then I got tired, now I can read for 3 hours. I have also improved in soccer. Now I don’t miss the ball and my kicks are harder! At school my teacher thought I was getting tutored because of my big improvement, but I was just doing Vision Therapy. Now I am finishing my homework quickly and the work is easier to do. – Arjun P.
Quin completed a year of weekly vision therapy and 4-5 days per week of home exercises. At times the commitment to the therapy was a challenge for both of us but I would like to encourage other clients that the results are worth the effort. The follow up assessments show that the improvements acheived are stable. I am extremely satisfied with the results of vision therapy and notice a great improvement in Quin’s self esteem. –  Deborah and Quin
Jonathan is a totally different young man from the child who first began to see you late last year. He is confident, he is happy, he is finding life good. His quality of life has greatly improved. He is enjoying life now, not just getting by. – Linda A.
In 45 minutes Dr. Sandy Johal can tell is you child’s learning and life are hindered due to vision issues. You will not learn this through a standard eye exam as my soon was told that he had 20/20 vision and was fine. This was not the case and 2 years of education and a chance for help were wasted.  I would suggest that anyonewho has a child who is struggling in school and exhibiting any of the signs I mentioned above go see Dr. Johal.  It was the best thing that I even did for my children. – Christine Swanson



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Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills, and/or symptoms, such as:

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