Visual Field Examinations

Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter for Visual Field Assessment

A visual field examination can detect dysfunctions in central and peripheral vision. Our office uses the state-of-the-art Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter, which has become a benchmark in visual field testing around the world.  This test can be used in detecting the first signs of visual deficits caused by conditions such as glaucoma, neurological deficits, stroke and brain tumors.

Upon reccommendation by your Optometrist a visual field examination will be scheduled with one of our Optometric Assistants.  The patient places thier chin on the rest and looks into the dome at a small illuminated dot. The patient is asked to click the handheld button when they detect another light in thier peripheral vision.  At the conclusion of the test the computer software automatically maps and calculates the patients visual field and provides a detailed analysis for the Optometrist to review. Regular visual field tests can be used to detect any changes in vision.